The climate grief circle guide

Talk about it. Recognize it. Share it. Climate grief circles provide a space for sharing feelings of frustration, anger and hopelessness over climate change and loss of biodiversity. This is how to set up a climate grief circle


What happens in a climate grief circle?

People meet and sit in a circle. Some share their worries, some open up their hearts and others just listen.

Does it work?

Yes. We think so. The feedback from the climate grief circles in Copenhagen arranged by Extinction Rebellion & is positive so far.

Where is a suitable location to set up a climate grief circle?

A private home or an office – whatever, as long as it is a quiet and undisturbed place.

How many people can attend a circle?

The fewer people, the more time for everyone to talk and share. In Copenhagen we limit the circles to 4 to 6 people.

Any guidelines for the circle?

Well, try and see how it develops, but here’s a few things to remember:

*Let the talking come naturally.

*Let the whoever speak who feels like instead of ”next in line”.

*Keep a moment of silence after a person has finished talking.

*Accept whatever comes up. Acceptance can also create strong bonds between the participants.

How do you hold space in the circle if it gets tough?

Before finishing the circle make time to hold space for the participants to gather themselves with regenerative tools.

What are the regenerative tools?

Anything soothing and nice which balances body and mind, e.g. meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, dancing, music, singing.

And if it gets really tough for some?

Help them to seek out professional counselling.

How long is a climate grief circle?

Let the sharing last for 1,5 hour and use the last half hour for the regenerative tools.

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